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The hospital has an OPD unit, with three separate chambers for examination of patients, maintaining their privacy. The well furnished OPDs have all the basic amenities for general examination and special equipments for a thorough ENT examination


  • Two ultra-modern air conditioned operation theatres with vinyl flooring, air filters, air curtains
  • Modern anesthesia equipment, isoflurane vapourizer, multi para monitoring, ETCO2 monitor, central oxygen supply
  • Qualified and trained OT staff
  • Operating microscope, nasal endoscopes, camera, monitors, LED light source
  • Coblation technology
  • Unipolar and bipolar cautery
  • High intensity OT lights
  • ENT OT tables
  • Recovery room with multi para monitoring, central oxygen
  • High pressure autoclave


Minor procedure room for managing conditions like

  • Foreign body in the nose or ear
  • Ear examination under microscope – diagnostic otomicroscopy
  • Examination of nose with a telescope – nasal endoscopy
  • Throat examination with an angled telescope – direct laryngoscopy
  • Management of nose bleed – epistaxis
  • Routine ENT dressings
  • Management of other superficial injuries – suturing of skin lacerations


There is a modern computerized audiology lab which performs all routine and special tests hearing along with assessment and management of speech disorders. The testing is done by a trained and qualified audiologist (B Sc. In speech and hearing). A sound proof room ensures an accurate assessment of patients with deafness. The various tests performed are

  • Pure tone audiometry
  • SISI
  • Tone decay
  • Speech audiometry - this is done for a better assessment of hearing difficulty because many a times the patients complain of being able to hear the sound but unable to make out what has been said. Speech audiometry is essential for aged patients complaining of deafness and requiring a hearing aid.
  • TOAE – transient Oto acoustic emissions. This simple but very important tool for hearing assessment, especially in neonates, to detect deafness early and advise timely intervention is available at the centre. This test is a compulsory investigation for all new borns in the developed countries. This non invasive investigation can tell us in a few seconds about the hearing status of a new born child as early as 6 weeks after birth. In case the TOAE screening test suggests deafness, BERA test is advised for further confirmation. Early diagnosis of deafness and its timely management can completely change the life of the affected new born and he/she can be made to live a life with the mainstream population and not live with deafmutism and hearing handicap.
  • BERA
  • Impedance audiometry – a test to assess the middle ear function and ear drum mobility
  • Hearing aid trial – a detailed hearing aid trial is always performed with a digital / programmable hearing aid and the computer. The patients are given ample time to allay their fears and apprehensions for using a hearing aid. It is ensured that the hearing aid is suitable to the patient and is convenient to use.
  • Dispensing hearing aids along with customized ear moulds is done at the centre. The after sales service for hearing aids is of the best order and patient satisfaction is fully ensured.
  • Speech therapy room for management of speech disorders like stammering, stuttering, misarticulation, dysphonia, etc. Speech therapy is provided by a B SC. Audiologist and speech therapist.


Pathology samples collection for blood and histopathology is available at the centre itself. The pathology lab is outsourced to MODERN DIAGNOSTICS, managed by a senior and experienced pathologist, Dr Rakesh Gulati MD, and his team.


Facilities like digital X-rays and ultrasound are available within the premises of the hospital. Accurate and prompt reporting is ensured for the patient. The radiology department is managed by Professor Dr Rajender Srivastava, a senior and very experienced radiologist of Dehradun, and his team.


IPD comprises of general, semiprivate and private wards. Cleanliness and hygiene are key to good nursing care and is the first priority of the hospital. The experienced and friendly staff ensures a comfortable stay not only for the patients but also the attendants / relatives. All beddings and necessary essentials are provided to the patients and their attendants.


Hospital has in house pharmacy for both outdoor and indoor patients. The patients don’t have to undergo the inconvenience to getting the medicines from elsewhere. The pharmacy services are available 24 hours for hospital patients.


In house laundry makes sure that the linen, sheets, pillow covers, bed sheets are properly washed and changed on a daily basis.


Efficient housekeeping services are available round the clock to maintain the cleanliness befitting a good hospital. We understand the good personal hygiene is essential for a healthy life. This holds even more for patients and also the attendants. It our practice that hand sanitizers be provided to all admitted patients.


A simple hygienic canteen in the hospital premises is available for the basic needs of the patients and can cater to customized demands of admitted patients.


The building has been erected fulfilling all MDDA norms for Dehradun, though the area of the hospital comes under rural category (Sewla Kalan). There is ample space for parking for two and four wheelers, thereby avoiding any inconvenience to the visitors.


A 62.5 KV generator provides ample power back up in case of electricity failure. UPS is installed for no break in electricity continuity for main operation theatre and minor operation theatre.


Elevator services are available for sick, elderly and non ambulatory patients. The elevators are equipped with automatic rescue device (ARD) to avoid any inconvenience.


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